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Foodmax Chain Food grade oil for the lubrication of drive and conveyor chains and gearboxes Description Fully synthetic food grade, adhesive fluids for the lubrication of drive chains,  conveyor chains, gearboxes and reduction units. Foodmax Chain contains special additives that extend relubrication intervals significantly. It can be used in situations where incidental contact with food can occur. These fluids are inhibited against oxidation and therefore give a elongated wet film that stays stable within a wide range of temperatures. Benefits Excellent penetrating properties Extended chain life Tacky Non-drip and no fling Excellent water and corrosion resistance Resistant against acidic materials Wide working temperature range Applications For drive and conveyor chains it can be applied by brush or manually. It can also be applied automatically using a central drip feed system.
Food grade silicone grease   Description   Foodmax Grease SI is a range of adherent silicone based greases for the lubrication of valves and taps, available in different grades for several applications.   Foodmax Grease SI 000   Designed to provide perfect sealing and smooth operation in mono drive taps Long life grease Insoluble in water Increases lifetime of ceramic parts Meets Water Byelaws Scheme BS-6920 Suitable for application through centralized lubrication Contains PTFE   Foodmax Grease SI 0, 00, 1   Designed to lubricate threads in universal taps High lubricating capacity Excellent sealing capacity Suitable for application through centralized lubrication   Foodmax Grease SI 2, 3   Designed to lubricate and seal upper ball joints of taps Excellent chemical-thermal resistance Contains PTFE Approved by Krupp Cranes for telescopic boom lubrication Approved by TZW Germany for direct contact with drinking water Pls. download technical datasheet from the below given link, Foodmax Silicon Technical Datasheet                    
 The Emkarate family of lubricants is a wide range of polyol ester refrigeration oil products. They are designed specifically for use with HFC refrigerants, developed to meet the performance demands of the refrigeration industry. This superior performance is achieved with base fluids that are specifically formulated to deliver optimum performance with minimal additive levels.  In the name of this Brand we have  Emkarate RL32H Emkarate RL68H Emkarate RL100H Emkarate RL170H Emkarate RL220H
Grease Lithium Complex MX Mineral oil based lithium complex grease with improved adhesiveness   Description Grease Lithium Complex MX has been formulated with a complex soap thickener and highly refined mineral base oil. Avoids friction even under severe and limited lubricating conditions. Contains special micronized graphite. The EP, antioxidant and anticorrosive additives secure a continuous protection film on metal surfaces and will avoid early breakdown due to fatigue, micro cracks, scratches, high pressures and shock loads. Its outstanding sealing capacity eliminates penetration of contaminating particles and entrance of water and wateroil emulsions used during the metalworking process. Applications Grease Lithium Complex MX is used in loaded mechanisms and bearings operated in a wide temperatures range (-10 to 190 ºC), with possible water and/or emulsions presence, at medium and low speeds. Such conditions are seen in different mechanisms such as steel, copper, brass rolling, steel industry equipment, cement industry and public works machinery. Benefits   Wide temperature range Resists high and shock loads Adhesive Excellent sealing capacity Excellent water resistance High stability to mechanic work Additive package with reduced environmental impact Pls. download technical datasheet from the below given link, Technical Data Sheet                            
BITZER Original Spares BITZER ORIGINAL VALVE PLATES Clean machining and assembly of valves to improve tightness and performance. Discharge bores with pressed valve seat to improve tightness. Suction reeds with clean finish and starcentred cut to guarantee correct design. NON-ORIGINAL VALVE PLATES Poor machining and finish, especially on valve seats, may lead to leakage during operation. Sharp valve seat edges and poor finish affect leakage rates through valves. Poor cut finish on suction reeds may result in shorter valve life. BITZER ORIGINAL PISTONS AND CONNECTING RODS Dimensions and finish of pistons have tight tolerances to guarantee optimised efficiency. High surface finish and customised shape of suction valve seats to minimise the effects of dead space. NON-ORIGINAL PISTONS AND CONNECTING RODS Poor finish and non-optimised diameters of pistons. Different diameters at piston top and bottom may lead to reduced volumetric efficiency, resulting in lower cooling capacity. Design of suction valve seats not optimised to specific compressor model.
QUALITY PRESSURE GAUGES We atvLakshya International Indore supplies Very accurate / calibrated 1. Commercial gauges 2. Economical gauges 3. Industrial gauges 4. Capsule gauges 5. Sealed diaphragm gauges 6. Flush diaphragm flangend gauges 7. Diaphragm sealed gauges with capillary 8. Electric contact gauges 9. Draught gauges 10. Differential pressure gauges 11. Load gauge i.e. tons, kilonewtons etc 12. Digital Pressure / Vacuum Gauges Temperature Gauges 1. Bimetallic Temperature gauges 2. Helium, Nitrogen or Argon gas filled Temperature gauges 3. Mercury filled Temperature gauges Accessories : 1. Needle valve 2. Non Return Valves 3. Manifold 4. Gauges cock 5. Syphons 6. Special purpose ball valve Top Clients / Gives: 1. ONGC 2. ADANI GASES 3. GSPC 4. GAIL
Geartop PAG High temperature and heavy duty synthetic gear oil based on PAG base stock Description Geartop PAG fluids are premium quality, 100% synthetic polyalkylene glycol based industrial gear oils containing antioxidant and anticorrosion additives, creating a lubricant with excellent thermal properties. The very high viscosity index offers fluidity down to very low temperatures and adequate film thickness at elevated temperatures. These are recommended for heavy loaded gearboxes and worm wheel boxes, including the so-called filled-for-life units. Benefits Extends life span of the installation Reduces maintenance Optimal protection of gear boxes against fretting and wear Longer drain interval, even at higher working temperatures Excellent thermal and oxidation stability Low pour point Protection from rust and corrosion Optimal lubrication at high and low temperatures, even at heavy loads Very good compatibility with plugs and seals Applications Geartop PAG is a long life synthetic oils range intended for the lubrication of Worm gears Bevel Helical gears Planetary gears Helical gears Also suitable for gear brakes, roll and plain bearings circulating systems. They are widely used in many segments of the industry such as textile, paper, cement, gear box producers, steel and wood, plastics and glass derivates. Cautions The product is neither miscible with mineral base oils nor with different nature synthetic oils. So it is advisable to proceed to a good cleaning (flushing) of the mechanism to be lubricated prior to use the oil
Geartop HP New technology EP oils range for any gear type Description The Geartop HP range is formulated with a new generation of technically advanced additives and paraffinic base fluids which show higher performance compared to conventional gear lubricants. Geartop HP is advised in any type of gearbox and in general whenever an extreme pressure lubricant is required. The product contains liquid molybdenum to improve the EP properties of Geartop HP. Geartop HP is free of lead and silicone components. Applications Geartop HP oils are suitable for many applications including bearings lubricated by centralized lubrication systems, bath or circulation and can be used in friction bearings as well. Recommended for transmission components such as reducers, variators and gearboxes operating under heavy loads or stringent operating conditions. Geartop HP can be used in the following gear types: Circular gears Helical gears Conical gears Industrial hypoid gears Worm gears
Mobilfluid 424 Multipurpose Tractor Lubricant Product Description Mobilfluid 424 is an extra high performance multipurpose tractor lubricant engineered to meet or exceed transmission and hydraulic fluid requirements. The advanced technology in Mobilfluid 424 is designed to optimise the performance of agricultural and commercial tractors operating in a wide range of environments and conditions. Mobilfluid 424 combines select base oils and an advanced additive package to deliver the varied lubricant performance properties required in severe duty applications of agricultural and construction equipment drive trains. It is particularly well suited for reducing wet brake and Power Take-Off (PTO) chatter. Features & Benefits Next generation technology has vastly improved the performance capabilities of heavy-duty equipment in terms of load, speed, control, and reliability through innovative power train designs. These designs have markedly changed and increased the requirements of power train fluids to deliver higher levels of performance and productivity while reducing operating costs. Friction control, wear protection, thermal stability, shear stability, rust and corrosion protection, and pumpability are features that must be optimally balanced to provide extended clutch life, maximum drawbar loading, and maintain operations on uneven terrain over a wide range of ambient temperatures. Mobilfluid 424 delivers exceptional performance in today’s power train transmissions, drive axles, clutches PTOs and hydraulic systems.