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MOBIL HYDRAULIC OIL Mobil Hydraulic AW Series Hydraulic Oil Product Description Mobil Hydraulic AW Series are premium high performance oils intended for industrial and mobile service where anti-wear lubricants are required. The Mobil Hydraulic AW Series oils are designed to satisfy the performance requirements fora widerangeofhydraulic components insystems subjectedtohigh-pressure, high-temperature operating environments. Their high level of resistance to oxidation and good thermal stability characteristics help reduce deposit formation and help prevent sluggish system operation. They provide good protection against rust and corrosion in high humidity operations or where low levels of moisture are unavoidable. They separate water readily and have very good air release properties. These products meet the performance requirements of a wide range of hydraulic system and component OEM's and are compatible with the pump and component metallurgy used by various manufacturers.The Mobil Hydraulic AW Series oils are formulated with high quality base stocks and a carefully selected additive system that result in finished products that provide many desirable features to improve and prolong equipment life. They are designed to work with systems operating under moderate to severe conditions where a high level of anti-wear protection is needed, yet they are suitable for use in many systems where non-anti-wear hydraulic oils are generally recommended. Features and Benefits The Mobil Hydraulic AW Series oils provide outstanding performance in a range of equipment operating under moderate to severe conditions. Their excellent oxidation resistance allows extension of oil and filter change intervals while assuring clean systems. Their high level of anti-wear protection and excellent film strength characteristics result in exceptional equipment performance that not only results in fewer breakdowns but helps improve production capacity. Their controlled demulsibility permits the oils to work well in systems contaminated with small amounts of water yet readily separate large amounts of water.
Foodmax Silicon Food grade silicone oils for high temperature applications Description Foodmax Silicon is a special fluid developed to lubricate materials that have to withstand high temperatures and where water and other contaminants are found. Foodmax Silicon can also be used as a heat transfer fluid in circulating systems and hot bath applications. Cannot be used in paint installations or any other surface treatment processes. Benefits * High stability to temperature * Resists extreme temperature * Low viscosity variation with temperature changes * Very low evaporation rate * Good anti-foaming properties * Very high resistance against oxidation * High chemical stability * Water-repellent * Good lubricating properties
Grease Lithium Complex MX Mineral oil based lithium complex grease with improved adhesiveness   Description Grease Lithium Complex MX has been formulated with a complex soap thickener and highly refined mineral base oil. Avoids friction even under severe and limited lubricating conditions. Contains special micronized graphite. The EP, antioxidant and anticorrosive additives secure a continuous protection film on metal surfaces and will avoid early breakdown due to fatigue, micro cracks, scratches, high pressures and shock loads. Its outstanding sealing capacity eliminates penetration of contaminating particles and entrance of water and wateroil emulsions used during the metalworking process. Applications Grease Lithium Complex MX is used in loaded mechanisms and bearings operated in a wide temperatures range (-10 to 190 ºC), with possible water and/or emulsions presence, at medium and low speeds. Such conditions are seen in different mechanisms such as steel, copper, brass rolling, steel industry equipment, cement industry and public works machinery. Benefits   Wide temperature range Resists high and shock loads Adhesive Excellent sealing capacity Excellent water resistance High stability to mechanic work Additive package with reduced environmental impact Pls. download technical datasheet from the below given link, Technical Data Sheet                            
55975 INTELLASENSE III COMBUSTIBLE GAS LEAK DETECTOR Product Description At the heart of this leak detector is a new low power metal oxide gas sensor with superior performance properties such as lower current consumption and sensor longevity. The new sensor is characterized by high sensitivity and fast response upon detecting the presence of extremely small levels of chlorofluorocarbon gases. For this reason, this sensor was selected and integrated into the 55975 Combustible Gas Leak Detector. In addition, a powerful microprocessor was integrated into the design that automatically selects the best operating condition for the sensor to ensure optimum performance throughout its life. IntellaSense III Combustible Gas Leak Detector comes in a blow molded case with 2 “C” batteries, leak test vial and replacement filters. SPECIFICATIONS: Detects combustible gases (see below) Heated tin oxide sensing element 2000 hour sensor life Less than 1 second respond time 50 – 1000 ppm ultimate sensitivity Battery: 2 “C” Alkaline 6000 mAh batteries Operating Temperature Range: 0˚F to 120˚F Intelligent tip 15″” inch probe length with environment sensing element to  eliminate the potential of false alarms Six vertical LED display with enabled selectively (red, yellow or green) to display information to the user such as the relative signal level of the detected leak, the selected sensitivity range (low/medium or high) of the unit, diagnostic information such as low battery, interference/wait, contaminated atmosphere readiness of the unit or fault conditions of the unit Keypad control with ON/OFF button (push-on/push-off), Volume/Mute button (high, low or mute), Sensitivity button for high, medium and low sensitivity level selection and Peak button when multiple leaks are suspected (push enable/disable) DETECTS: Acetone, Acetylene, Ammonia, Benzene, Butane, Butanol, Chlorine, Ethane, Ethanol, Gasoline, Hexane, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Isobutane, Methane (natural gas), Methanol, Methyl Acetate, Methyl Chloride, Methyl Ether, Naptha, N-Butane, Pentane, Propane, Propanol, Sulfer Dioxide and Trichloroethane
55800 INTELLASENSE REFRIGERANT LEAK DETECTOR Product Description Detects: Combustible Gases Hydrogen Refrigerants: All CFC’s, HCFC’s & HFC’s << Meets and exceeds J2791 (R134a), J2913 (R1234yf) and EN 14624 >> The 55800 leak detector employs a new metal oxide gas sensor for the detection of chlorofluorocarbon gasses and blends. This tin oxide sensor is characterized by high sensitivity and a fast response, upon detecting the presence of extremely small levels of chlorofluorocarbon gases. Integrated into the design is a powerful microprocessor that automatically selects the best operating conditions for the sensor, to ensure optimum performance. The optimum sensor performance is maintained and monitored throughout the life of the sensor. SPECIFICATIONS: SENSITIVITY: HIGH ≥ 0.05 oz/yr (1.5 g/yr) MEDIUM ≥ 0.25 oz/yr (7 g/yr) LOW ≥ 0.5 oz/yr (14 g/yr) PROBE: Intelligent tip design that senses the condition of the environment, to eliminate the potential of false alarms. Flexible 16” probe for difficult to reach locations DISPLAY: Progressive LCD with vertical bars corresponding to the magnitude of the detected leak Visual indication of the selected sensitivity range REFRIGERANTS: Detects all refrigerants (CFC’s, HCFC’s, & HFC’s) Unit has been tested and approved to work with R1234yf as well as R32 and R410a SENSOR LIFE: 2000 hours OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: 0 to 140˚F POWER: Two (2) D Batteries BATTERY LIFE: 60 hours continuous use WEIGHT: 1 lb. 8 oz “Super Sensitive Function” allows the unit further sensitizing beyond the standard settings for locating small leaks with gases such as R1234yf and R407C
Kluber Summit Industrial products are recognized as an Industry leader in Lubricant Technology with fast growing list of satisfied customers throughout the world. We have Kluber Make oils for almost all make of Air Compressors like Ingersoll-Rand , Atlas Copco, Kaeser, Elgi, Chicago Pnuematic, Boge, FS Curtis as well. We have Fully Synthetic as well as semi Synthetic oils. Benefits of Kluber Oils * Extended oil change interval * Evaporation stability & less oil carry over * Reduced carbon residue formation * Saving in Electricity consumption * Better oxidation stability * High Viscosity Index * More Eco-Friendly
Foodmax PMO SE                                     Food grade synthetic paper machine oils   Description   Foodmax PMO SE is a food grade synthetic high temperature oil designed for use in the wet and dry ends of paper machine circulating systems.This product is based on food grade  synthetic esters  and contains additives which improve  water separation, resistance to oxidation, filterability and thermal stability. Foodmax PMO SE Technical Datasheet
MEMOLUB EM MRMOLUB EM is a single point autonomous refillable lubricator Its ejection pressure of 10 Bar opens a wide new range of application not accessible with conventional lubricators Remotely installed, it can be used up to two meters from the lube point MEMOLUB EM is the perfect solution for a regular micro-lubrication New Generation Automatic Single point Lubricator We are an Authorized Dealer for this product
Foodmax DH                            Concrete Release Agent   Description Formmax is a product formulated to give an easy and complete release of concrete forms. The product has been designed with last generation additives to provide good release due to a thin film formed between the mould and the concrete part, does not have negative impact on operators and provides longer life to moulds.   Applications Formmax is used pure as supplied. It can be applied with brush, roller, rag or spray gun.   Benefits   Operator friendly Minimum formation of bug holes Longer mould life Good finishing and fast release High efficiency                               DOWNLOAD Technical Data Sheet