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SIEMENS AUTOMATION PRODUCTS Lakshya International  extends the lifecycle of your installed control systems, drives, and servo motors with quality, new and refurbished parts, and repair services. Reduce your maintenance costs with spare parts from our extensive inventory for controls systems (DCS, PLC, CNC), panel controllers, HMIs, Industrial PCs, drives, power supplies & servo motors. We do import of USED Reconditioned as well as New Siemens Automation Products
Offer for WD 40 Multiple Maintenance Spray Benefits of WD 40 Spray Protects Metal from Rust and Corrosion Penetrates stuck parts and loosens it Displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything Removes grease, grime and more from most surfaces Special price Rs. 295/- Each for 420 ml Can pack Ex Indore MP Including GST 18%
OKS 9631 Auto corner Spray for Splicers and Knotters Mild lubricant based on synthetic oils for applications involving sliding parts of textile machinery including auto corners
We are engaged in Manufacturing, Trading and supplying of Air Compressor, and Air Compressor Spare Parts that are extensively demanded in Automobile, Marine, Aeronautical and Electronics Industries.
OKS 1110/6 Sealant and lubricant for cold and hot-water valves in plumbing and heating sector, in vehicle heating or cooling circuits, ground seals on glass taps and desiccators. For lubricating O-Rings and rubber seals during assembly and operation, as well as plastic parts of all kinds. Applications #Lubrication of stop cocks and valve seals. #Cold and hot water valves in plumbing and heating #For valves in hot and cold water lines. #Lubrication and protection of O –Rings, rubber seals and plastic components. Main Field of Application # Standard packing and sealing lubricant of all kind of valves. #Lubrication of O rings, seals and gaskets during assembly and operation #Lubrication of the seals of white goods, Beverages filling and Dispensing machinery # Lubrication of the seals of water traps and sanitary Fittings etc.
BITZER original Parts BITZER ORIGINAL GASKETS Optimised selection of gasket material for better compatibility with all refrigerants and lubricants. Controlled thickness on suction side of valve plate optimises dead space of compressor. NON-ORIGINAL GASKETS Non-original gaskets often made of asbestos which has been banned from the market since 1995. Counterfeit gaskets are generally made of soft material and have rough surfaces which do not ensure proper tightness.
Food grade silicone grease   Description   Foodmax Grease SI is a range of adherent silicone based greases for the lubrication of valves and taps, available in different grades for several applications.   Foodmax Grease SI 000   Designed to provide perfect sealing and smooth operation in mono drive taps Long life grease Insoluble in water Increases lifetime of ceramic parts Meets Water Byelaws Scheme BS-6920 Suitable for application through centralized lubrication Contains PTFE   Foodmax Grease SI 0, 00, 1   Designed to lubricate threads in universal taps High lubricating capacity Excellent sealing capacity Suitable for application through centralized lubrication   Foodmax Grease SI 2, 3   Designed to lubricate and seal upper ball joints of taps Excellent chemical-thermal resistance Contains PTFE Approved by Krupp Cranes for telescopic boom lubrication Approved by TZW Germany for direct contact with drinking water Pls. download technical datasheet from the below given link, Foodmax Silicon Technical Datasheet                    
KLUBER VARNASOLV - Flushing Synthetic Conditioner Product Description Kluber Summit Varnasolv is a concentrated conditioner fluid containing synthetic ester oil and cleaning additives. It is miscible with mineral oils, synthetic hydrocarbons, ester oils and polyglycols. Application Kluber Summit Varnasolv has been especially designed for cleaning screw-type compressors, hydraulic systems, gears and other oil circulating systems like calenders. The conditioner can be used for oils based on mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbon, ester oil and polyglycol. Using mineral oils in oil-injected screw-type and sliding vane compressors may lead to varnish and carbon buildup in the entire oil circuit or form sticky residues on valves and hot surfaces in hydraulic systems. This often results in increased energy consumption, sticky valves, clogged oil lines and filters and increased downtime due to maintenance. Kluver Summit Varnasolv is a concentrated conditioner fluid which dissolves varnish and carbon buildups during operation and keeps them suspended in the compressor oil. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to dismantle the system for cleaning. The oil containing the residues is completely drained before refilling the unit with fresh oil. Benefits : * Dissolves varnish and carbon deposits, thus reducing maintenance and cleaning costs - No dismantling of system needed prior to cleaning * Used during operation so no machine downtime needed for cleaning * Easy application due to the neutral behaviour towards seals, when added to the compressor oil on 1 to 10 basis. * Reduced operating and Maintenance cost due to higher efficiency of air compressor and longer service life of the fresh oil fill.
Product — Oil Free Air Compressors Features and advantages of our oil free air compressors Super silent Works very quiet which is very suitable for applications requires quiet working environments. Low vibration Good dynamic balance design, meanwhile rubber cushions and rubber feet was also contributing to limit its vibration to low level. Pure air quality No lubricating oil in the piston and cylinder creating pure air quality. High use safety and reliability Key parts such as tank, safety valve, pressure switch etc has ASME and CE certifications which makes the machine work safely and reliably. Automatic and easy to use Starting up and works fully automatic and can continuously works 24 hours a day, meanwhile it is very easy to use machine. Efficient, Low energy consumption High efficiency and low energy consumption due to better design. Durable and low maintenance costs Cylinders with diamond hardness make sure it is more durable and superior to other air compressors, and the machine is very easy and low costs to maintain.