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KLUBER PS 200 SEMI SYNTHETIC OIL Description KLUBER Summits PS oils are air compressor oil based on hydrogenated mineral oil, synthetic ester oil and additives. Kluber Summit PS oils are miscible with mineral oils and synthetic hydrocarbons but not with oils based on polyglycol. Application Kluber Summit PS 200 oil has been specially designed for the lubrication of screw-type air compressors. They are used for oil change intervals of 5000 operating hours in oil injected screw type air compressors. Kluber Summit oils can be used for compressors that were previously run with conventional mineral oils. These oils are neural towards most elastomer seals used in air compressors, therefore leakage is not to be expected. Kluber summit oils offer good oxidation stability due to the synthetic base oil content, thus minimizing oxidation residues in the compressors and extending oil change intervals and the service life of oil filters and separators. Special inhibitors contained in the oil keep the inside of compressors clean and ensure a high efficiency.
KLUBER VARNASOLV - Flushing Synthetic Conditioner Product Description Kluber Summit Varnasolv is a concentrated conditioner fluid containing synthetic ester oil and cleaning additives. It is miscible with mineral oils, synthetic hydrocarbons, ester oils and polyglycols. Application Kluber Summit Varnasolv has been especially designed for cleaning screw-type compressors, hydraulic systems, gears and other oil circulating systems like calenders. The conditioner can be used for oils based on mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbon, ester oil and polyglycol. Using mineral oils in oil-injected screw-type and sliding vane compressors may lead to varnish and carbon buildup in the entire oil circuit or form sticky residues on valves and hot surfaces in hydraulic systems. This often results in increased energy consumption, sticky valves, clogged oil lines and filters and increased downtime due to maintenance. Kluver Summit Varnasolv is a concentrated conditioner fluid which dissolves varnish and carbon buildups during operation and keeps them suspended in the compressor oil. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to dismantle the system for cleaning. The oil containing the residues is completely drained before refilling the unit with fresh oil. Benefits : * Dissolves varnish and carbon deposits, thus reducing maintenance and cleaning costs - No dismantling of system needed prior to cleaning * Used during operation so no machine downtime needed for cleaning * Easy application due to the neutral behaviour towards seals, when added to the compressor oil on 1 to 10 basis. * Reduced operating and Maintenance cost due to higher efficiency of air compressor and longer service life of the fresh oil fill.
We are engaged in Manufacturing, Trading and supplying of Air Compressor, and Air Compressor Spare Parts that are extensively demanded in Automobile, Marine, Aeronautical and Electronics Industries.
 The Emkarate family of lubricants is a wide range of polyol ester refrigeration oil products. They are designed specifically for use with HFC refrigerants, developed to meet the performance demands of the refrigeration industry. This superior performance is achieved with base fluids that are specifically formulated to deliver optimum performance with minimal additive levels.  In the name of this Brand we have  Emkarate RL32H Emkarate RL68H Emkarate RL100H Emkarate RL170H Emkarate RL220H
Lakshya International is most trusted and dependent name in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Instrumentation, Electric Motors and Controls. We are dealing in very reputed brands like - Danfoss, Marathon, Tecumesh, SRF and many more. We ensure the availability of better priced, quality products for both residential and commercial sectors for all their air-conditioning, refrigeration and genuine spares requirements.
BITZER Original Spares BITZER ORIGINAL VALVE PLATES Clean machining and assembly of valves to improve tightness and performance. Discharge bores with pressed valve seat to improve tightness. Suction reeds with clean finish and starcentred cut to guarantee correct design. NON-ORIGINAL VALVE PLATES Poor machining and finish, especially on valve seats, may lead to leakage during operation. Sharp valve seat edges and poor finish affect leakage rates through valves. Poor cut finish on suction reeds may result in shorter valve life. BITZER ORIGINAL PISTONS AND CONNECTING RODS Dimensions and finish of pistons have tight tolerances to guarantee optimised efficiency. High surface finish and customised shape of suction valve seats to minimise the effects of dead space. NON-ORIGINAL PISTONS AND CONNECTING RODS Poor finish and non-optimised diameters of pistons. Different diameters at piston top and bottom may lead to reduced volumetric efficiency, resulting in lower cooling capacity. Design of suction valve seats not optimised to specific compressor model.
Product — Oil Free Air Compressors Features and advantages of our oil free air compressors Super silent Works very quiet which is very suitable for applications requires quiet working environments. Low vibration Good dynamic balance design, meanwhile rubber cushions and rubber feet was also contributing to limit its vibration to low level. Pure air quality No lubricating oil in the piston and cylinder creating pure air quality. High use safety and reliability Key parts such as tank, safety valve, pressure switch etc has ASME and CE certifications which makes the machine work safely and reliably. Automatic and easy to use Starting up and works fully automatic and can continuously works 24 hours a day, meanwhile it is very easy to use machine. Efficient, Low energy consumption High efficiency and low energy consumption due to better design. Durable and low maintenance costs Cylinders with diamond hardness make sure it is more durable and superior to other air compressors, and the machine is very easy and low costs to maintain.
SIEMENS AUTOMATION PRODUCTS Lakshya International  extends the lifecycle of your installed control systems, drives, and servo motors with quality, new and refurbished parts, and repair services. Reduce your maintenance costs with spare parts from our extensive inventory for controls systems (DCS, PLC, CNC), panel controllers, HMIs, Industrial PCs, drives, power supplies & servo motors. We do import of USED Reconditioned as well as New Siemens Automation Products
Kluber Summit Industrial products are recognized as an Industry leader in Lubricant Technology with fast growing list of satisfied customers throughout the world. We have Kluber Make oils for almost all make of Air Compressors like Ingersoll-Rand , Atlas Copco, Kaeser, Elgi, Chicago Pnuematic, Boge, FS Curtis as well. We have Fully Synthetic as well as semi Synthetic oils. Benefits of Kluber Oils * Extended oil change interval * Evaporation stability & less oil carry over * Reduced carbon residue formation * Saving in Electricity consumption * Better oxidation stability * High Viscosity Index * More Eco-Friendly