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KIRLOSKAR REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR SPARE PARTS We can offer you all critical spares of OEM quality and standards. We stand for its unconditional guarantee for material manufacturing defects and performance which will be at Par with OEM supplies of Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd compressors spares. All manufacturer's names, numbers, symbols and description are used for reference purpose only and it is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.
OKS 410 – MoS₂ High-Pressure Long-Life Grease OKS 410 is a high-pressure long-life grease for lubrication points subjected to pressure or impacts also under outdoor exposure. Areas of application Grease lubrication of unsheltered parts subject to heavy loading and/or impacts, such as friction, rolling and pivoting bearings, splined shafts, knockout spindles, threaded spindles and sliding surfaces of all kinds For harsh operating conditions Advantages and benefits Excellently suited as a safety lubricating grease in mixed friction sector with especially good wear protection Effectively protects against corrosion Contains Mox-active to improve performance Technical specifications Operating temperature: -20°C → +130°C NLGI grade: 2 DN factor (dm x n): 500, 000 mm/min Base oil viscosity (40°C): 185 mm²/s Four-ball test rig (welding load): 3, 600 N Applications For best results clean the lubricating point carefully. Clean with solvents like OKS 2610/OKS 2611 Universal Cleaner. Remove the corrosion protection ahead of the initial filling. Fill the bearings in a way that all the functional surfaces for sure get the grease. Slow moving bearings(DN-value < 50, 000) should be filled completely, normal moving bearings should be filled to 1/3 of the free inner housing space. Observe the instructions of the bearing or machine manufacturer. Relubrication with a grease gun on to the grease nipples or with an automatic lubrication system. Relubrication intervals and amount to be defined acc. to the service conditions. If the removal of the old grease is not possible the amount of grease has to be limited to avoid excess lubrication of the bearing. At longer relubrication intervals a complete exchange of the old grease is recommended. Only mix with appropriate lubricants.
ATLAS COPCO ZR ELEMENTS We supply replacement new and refurbished Atlas Copco & GHH oil free compression stages for equipment such as ZA ZR ZT ZE Atlas Copco models and Ingersoll Rand, Compair, BOGE, etc oil free compressors using the GHH air end design. Our products can surpass 50, 000 hrs run* providing the manufacturers service schedules are adhered to and that the running parameters meet satisfactory standards*
ATLAS COPCO OIL FREE COMPRESSOR AIRENDS AND SPARE PARTS We can supply GENUINE & ORIGINAL parts for the ATLAS COPCO OIL FREE range, such as AIR ENDS and MAINTENANCE KITS for ATLAS COPCO ZR, ZT, ZA, ZE oil free compressors. By using genuine manufacturer spare parts, you are using components manufactured to the highest specification and will eliminate lengthy and expensive breakdown situations at a later date. Furthermore, OEM spare parts will last longer and guarantee an interrupted operation for your equipment In short, genuine parts offer optimal performance for your compressed air installation.
56103 R404A, R407C, R507A & R134a 2-WAY BRASS MANIFOLD WITH GAUGES ONLY Product Description Mastercool is the leading manufacturer of professional quality A/C manifold gauge sets. Our manifold gauge sets are constructed of the finest materials and machined with precision to the highest quality standards. At Mastercool, every manifold we build is built to last. 3 1/8″ Gauges (PSI, ˚F) 1/4″ MFL Heavy duty forged brass body Large all metal handles are angled for ease of operation Free-floating piston type valves reduce o-ring wear Hose holder for convenient storage Silicone dampened gauges smooth out needle movement Gauges can be easily recalibrated in the field to maintain accuracy * To order manifolds with shock resistant gauge protectors, simply place a “-G” after the part number REPLACEMENT PARTS: 34215: O-Rings for Brass Manifold 34216: Seal and Seat Assembly for Brass Manifold
Rotary Vacuum Pump Oil Supervac is India’s no.1 manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of vacuum oils, required for Rotary Vacuum Pumps (also known as Roughing Pumps, Holding Pumps, Mechanical Pumps or Backing Pumps). Supervac rotary pump oils are engineered to conform to international standards. Hence, these oils are compatible with all makes and models of rotary pumps manufactured anywhere in the world. Which means that these fluids can be used in all BOC Edwards, Alcatel, Welch, Kinney, Ulvac, HHV and any other Chinese, Japanese, Korean or German rotary pumps. SUPERVAC SV-77 Alternative of GS-77, LVO 200, LVO 240, MD-505 Choose this oil if : You are looking for high vacuum of the order of 6 x 10-4 Torr. An alternative of GS-77, KV100, MD-505. Vacuum is required very fast. Gasses being pumped out are corrosive or have high moisture. Down time has to be very low.
MICRO V BELT CLEARANCE SALE Microbelts is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Industrial Vee Belts, Poly Belts, Cogged Fan Belts and Reinforced Flap Patches for the Tyre Industry. This highly recognized position has been achieved with years of hard work, innovation, commitment to quality and reliable customer service. We would like to open clearance sale for some stock quantity -Interested customers can contact - 9009991560 Alkesh Soni Size A45 @ Rs 80 Size A 49 @ Rs 90 Size A 52 @ Rs 100 Size A 53 @ Rs 102 Size A 54 @ Rs 104 Size A 74 @ Rs 130 Size A 78 @ Rs 145 size A 80 @ Rs 150 Size A 81 @ Rs 152 Size B 76 @ Rs 190 Size B 78 @ Rs 195 Size B 83 @ Rs 210 Size B 89 @ Rs 240 Size C 105 @ Rs 460 Size C 102 @ Rs 440 Size C 120 @ Rs 525 GST Extra @ 18%
MOBIL HYDRAULIC OIL Mobil Hydraulic AW Series Hydraulic Oil Product Description Mobil Hydraulic AW Series are premium high performance oils intended for industrial and mobile service where anti-wear lubricants are required. The Mobil Hydraulic AW Series oils are designed to satisfy the performance requirements fora widerangeofhydraulic components insystems subjectedtohigh-pressure, high-temperature operating environments. Their high level of resistance to oxidation and good thermal stability characteristics help reduce deposit formation and help prevent sluggish system operation. They provide good protection against rust and corrosion in high humidity operations or where low levels of moisture are unavoidable. They separate water readily and have very good air release properties. These products meet the performance requirements of a wide range of hydraulic system and component OEM's and are compatible with the pump and component metallurgy used by various manufacturers.The Mobil Hydraulic AW Series oils are formulated with high quality base stocks and a carefully selected additive system that result in finished products that provide many desirable features to improve and prolong equipment life. They are designed to work with systems operating under moderate to severe conditions where a high level of anti-wear protection is needed, yet they are suitable for use in many systems where non-anti-wear hydraulic oils are generally recommended. Features and Benefits The Mobil Hydraulic AW Series oils provide outstanding performance in a range of equipment operating under moderate to severe conditions. Their excellent oxidation resistance allows extension of oil and filter change intervals while assuring clean systems. Their high level of anti-wear protection and excellent film strength characteristics result in exceptional equipment performance that not only results in fewer breakdowns but helps improve production capacity. Their controlled demulsibility permits the oils to work well in systems contaminated with small amounts of water yet readily separate large amounts of water.
Kluber lubricating greases is comprised of the following types: Lubricating greases for valves and fittings Valves and fittings require lubrication for reliable operation. Klüber Lubrication has specifically developed the right lubricating grease for each medium, be it food, drinking water, gas or oxygen. Selected greases for valves and fittings: UNISILKON L 250 L Klübersynth UH1 64-2403 UNISILKON LCA 3801 Klübersynth VR 69-252 N Further solutions for these applications you find on our valves and fittings page. Gear greases Lubricants must provide a sealing effect where the gearbox construction is not completely oil tight. Fluid greases have a sealing effect, absorb pressure and protect against wear. Selected greases for gears: GRAFLOSCON C-SG 0 ULTRA CENTOPLEX GLP 500 MICROLUBE GB 0 Klüberfood NH1 94-6000 Klüberbio LG 39-700 Further solutions for these applications you find on our gear page. Greases for rolling and plain bearings There are many geometrical designs and sizes of rolling bearings and they always require individual lubrication solutions. Lubricating greases are available for each requirement, high or low temperature resistance, high speeds, heavy-duty or food-grade applications. Selected greases for rolling and plain bearings: BARRIERTA KM 192 Klüberalfa BF 83-102 BARRIERTA L 55/2 Klüberplex BEM 41-141 Klübersynth BHP 72-102 Klübersynth BQP 72-82 Klüberquiet BQ 72-72 ISOFLEX NBU 15 Klüberspeed BF 72-23 BARRIERTA KL 092 ISOFLEX PDL 300 Klüberfood NH1 94-301 Klübersynth UH1 14-151 Klüberlectric BE 44-152 Further solutions for these applications you find on our rolling and plain bearings page. Pneumatic greases Pneumatic drives must start reliably and run smoothly. Furthermore, pneumatic greases must be compatible with seals. In cooperation with pneumatics and seal manufacturers, Klüber Lubrication developed speciality lubricants tailored to these requirements. Selected greases for pneumatic: Klübersynth AR 34-401 BARRIERTA KM 192 Greases for the lubrication of plastics Plastic components are made of many different materials and used in various material combinations. Lubricants are expected to be compatible with plastics while offering good wear protection. Selected greases for the lubrication of plastics:  Klüberalfa RM 93-101 Klübersynth MR 96-31 Klübersynth LI 44-22 Contact greases Electric contacts, switches and sensors require lubricating greases with a constantly low contact resistance. The contacts must also be protected against corrosion while attaining a high number of plug and contact cycles. Contact greases help fulfil these requirements. Selected greases for Electric contacts, switches and sensors:   Klüberlectric KR 44-102 Klüberlectric KR 44-402 Klüberalfa KRA 3-730