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BITZER original Parts BITZER ORIGINAL GASKETS Optimised selection of gasket material for better compatibility with all refrigerants and lubricants. Controlled thickness on suction side of valve plate optimises dead space of compressor. NON-ORIGINAL GASKETS Non-original gaskets often made of asbestos which has been banned from the market since 1995. Counterfeit gaskets are generally made of soft material and have rough surfaces which do not ensure proper tightness.
Grease Fluor HT                                     Extremely high temperature grease based on PFPE oil and PTFE thickener   Description Foodmax Grease HT-2 is a non-flammable white grease developed from a perfluoroalkyl-polyether-type oil, a micronised PTFE as thickener and an anti-corrosion additive. It is totally inert physically and chemically in the event of aggression by all kinds of liquid or gaseous products (except for fluoridated solvents) and thermal and ionising radiation. All the raw materials used in the manufacturing process appear in the positive list of the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and H-1 approval is possible on request.   Applications Foodmax Grease HT-2 is suitable for the lubrication of all bearings, sliding bearings or joints subjected to extreme temperatures or to aggressive conditions capable of altering conventional lubricants. It is used principally for curing ovens in glass, textile, plastic film, paint, chemical, nuclear, and corrugated card industries. Foodmax Grease HT-2 is compatible with all widely used elastomers, seals, gaskets, plastics and metals. Foodmax Grease HT-2 is equally adapted for the lubrication in thin films of sliding electrical contacts or as dielectric agents.                               Pls. download the technical datasheet from this below given link, Grease Fluor HT Technical Datasheet
Foodmax Silicon Food grade silicone oils for high temperature applications Description Foodmax Silicon is a special fluid developed to lubricate materials that have to withstand high temperatures and where water and other contaminants are found. Foodmax Silicon can also be used as a heat transfer fluid in circulating systems and hot bath applications. Cannot be used in paint installations or any other surface treatment processes. Benefits * High stability to temperature * Resists extreme temperature * Low viscosity variation with temperature changes * Very low evaporation rate * Good anti-foaming properties * Very high resistance against oxidation * High chemical stability * Water-repellent * Good lubricating properties
OIL FREE SILENT DENTAL AIR COMPRESSORS . Spare parts: We at Lakshya Internstional maintains an inventory of all needed spare parts for product service. We do provide service as well. Suitable applications and industries: Dental & Medical, Research & Laboratory, Food Processing, Water Processing, Surface Coating, Printing, Pneumatic Tools, Machinery, Textile Manufacturing, Shoe Making, Jewelry & accessories, Electronic & Computers, Automation Safety Systems, Pharmacy, make-up electronic, Tobacco, Life science, Biotechnology, Analytical Instrument, Measuring Apparatus, Environmental Monitoring, Petro-chemistry, Arts, Crafts & Hobby, Beauty & Body Printing, Optical & Photo etc.
DRY AIR FILTER INLINE Inlet # 1/4" BSP Male Outlet # 1/4" BSP Female Max Working Pressure # 10 Barg Body material # Poly Carbonate APPLICATION # Paint Shop / Powder Coating / Tools FEATURES This change Filter / Dryer is designed to remove oil aerosols and any moisture. Use to eliminate water and smooth painting
We are engaged in Manufacturing, Trading and supplying of Air Compressor, and Air Compressor Spare Parts that are extensively demanded in Automobile, Marine, Aeronautical and Electronics Industries.
Insulating Paste OKS 1105 prevents the formation of electrically conductive layers and minimises the risk of flashovers and dielectric losses. The insulators and switchgear covered with the paste thus maintain a good insulation resistance. Areas of application Sealing lubrication for electrical or electronic equipment such as relays, plug-in connections, cable lugs and lamp sockets Protection of insulators and switchgear in humid atmospheres, for example of junction boxes, screw terminals, overload cutouts at high-voltage pylons, connecting cables and terminal connections Lubricant for plastic screw connections and other moving parts of metal, ceramic, plastic Advantages and benefits Excellent water repellent properties Excellent surface wetting Good adhesion on glass, porcelain and plastics Stable consistency across a wide temperature range Very good resistance to chemical and weather-based influences (e.g. ozone, UV radiation) Neutral with regard to many materials Small change in the dielectric properties across a wide temperature range Technical specifications Operating temperature: -40°C → +200°C Electrical resistivity (25°C): > 1014Ωcm Dielectric constant: 2.75
INLINE DESICCANT DRYER Model # Water Seperator Inlet Port # 1/4" BSP / 6 mm PU Tube Outlet Port # 1/4" BSP / 6 mm PU Tube Max Working Pressure # 12 Kg / cm2 Body Material # Aluminium Drain # Manual Drain / Automatic Drain Application # Air Tools / Spray Painting / Filling Tyres / Nail Guns Working Principle The compressed air flows through the bottom of the dryer and distributed uniformly and passée through the desiccant bed. The moisture is drained at the bottom either with manual drain or with Automatic Drain valve. The desiccant absorbs the moisture - the color of desiccant changes from blue to pink or white. The color of desiccant will gradually change from Blue to White as desiccant gets saturated. The full desiccant bed will reach to its maximum drying capacity and must be either changed or changed / renerated. REGENERATION PROCESS Regeneration is accomplished by heating the desiccant to a temperature of 275 Deg F in drying oven for 2-3 hours or till the dessicant returns to its Blue color. INSTALLATION The installation can be done IN-LINE with flexible PU tube and connectors provided with the unit.
Geartop PFPE High temperature inert synthetic gear oil based on PFPE base stock Geartop PFPE is a non flammable, colourless and odourless PFPE oil. It is completely inert both physically and chemically and therefore Geartop PFPE is extremely suitable in situations where aggressive liquids or gasses are attacking the lubricant. Provides excellent lubrication under circumstances where both mineral and other type of synthetic lubricants will fail and is fully compatible with all widely used elastomers, seals, gaskets, plastics and metals. Applications Geartop PFPE is suitable for the lubrication of bearings, chains and joints which are exposed to extremely high temperatures found in the manufacturing of glass, plastic film, paint, chemicals, nuclear applications, robotics and aeronautical industries. Typical applications are seen in ovens, drying and stabilizing units as well as polymerization tunnels.