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QUALITY PRESSURE GAUGES We atvLakshya International Indore supplies Very accurate / calibrated 1. Commercial gauges 2. Economical gauges 3. Industrial gauges 4. Capsule gauges 5. Sealed diaphragm gauges 6. Flush diaphragm flangend gauges 7. Diaphragm sealed gauges with capillary 8. Electric contact gauges 9. Draught gauges 10. Differential pressure gauges 11. Load gauge i.e. tons, kilonewtons etc 12. Digital Pressure / Vacuum Gauges Temperature Gauges 1. Bimetallic Temperature gauges 2. Helium, Nitrogen or Argon gas filled Temperature gauges 3. Mercury filled Temperature gauges Accessories : 1. Needle valve 2. Non Return Valves 3. Manifold 4. Gauges cock 5. Syphons 6. Special purpose ball valve Top Clients / Gives: 1. ONGC 2. ADANI GASES 3. GSPC 4. GAIL
69110 AUTOMOTIVE A/C RECOVERY SYSTEM Product Description Design Certified to Meet SAE J2810 Mastercool’s Certified Automotive A/C Recovery System (69110) recovers and removes oil from refrigerant. This system is designed to meet SAE J2810 and is compact, lightweight and works with all refrigerants. All of the internal components of the A/C Recovery System have been arranged and isolated to ensure a smooth and quiet performance. The unit offers a state of the art maximum cooling efficiency, which keeps the compressor working at high capacities in even the warmest climates. The stainless steel ball valve designed manifold controls the refrigerant flow smoothly and quickly with only a pressure readings in PSI, BAR and MPA. Two 72” conversion hoses are included which enable the user to simultaneously recover from the high and low side to speed up the recovery process. FEATURES & BENEFITS: Recovers and Removes Oil from Refrigerant Offers a State of the Art 1/2 hp Oil-less Compressor with a built-in High Volume Cooling Fan for Fast Recovery Designed Certified to meet SAE J2810 Includes Recovery Unit, 30 lb DOT Tank, a 60” Yellow Service Hose, 72” Blue and Red Conversion Hoses, UL Approved High and Low Side R134a Manual Couplers and Oil Purge Bottle SPECIFICATIONS: Refrigerant R134a High Side Design Pressure 500 psig Low Side Design Pressure 174 psig 230 Volts AC 1 PH 50 HZ. 8.6 Amps 1.25 S/F Service Factor 10.75 AMP Made in USA
69000  REFRIGERANT RECOVERY SYSTEM Product Description These recovery systems are compact, lightweight and work with all refrigerants. They’re ideal for commercial, residential or industrial appliance applications. Our recovery systems offer a state-of-the-art 1/2 HP oil-less compressor with a built-in high volume cooling fan. This new innovative design delivers maximum cooling efficiency which keeps the compressor working at high capacities in even the hottest climates. The compressor is also protected by an automatic low pressure cut-off switch that shuts off the unit once the recovery is complete. This AUTO SHUT-OFF feature eliminates the risk of compressor failure and reduces the user’s need to monitor the entire recovery system. All of our recovery systems offer our newest color-coded gauges with pressure readings in PSI, BAR and Mpa. Our stainless steel ball valve designed manifold controls the flow smoothly and quickly with only a 1/4 turn. With all of this protected by a reinforced hard plastic case, Mastercool’s new recovery systems will meet all your refrigerant recovery needs. SPECIFICATIONS: 220V – 50 Hz 1/2 HP oil-less compressor Recovery Rate: Direct vapor up to .44 lb/m, Direct Liquid up to 2.62 lb/m, Push-Pull up to 12 lb/m Operating temp. range: 32 to 122ºF Weight: 38 lbs Dimensions: 17″ L x 10″ W x 12″ H Refrigerants: CFC’s, HCFC’s, HFC’s
OKS 410 – MoS₂ High-Pressure Long-Life Grease OKS 410 is a high-pressure long-life grease for lubrication points subjected to pressure or impacts also under outdoor exposure. Areas of application Grease lubrication of unsheltered parts subject to heavy loading and/or impacts, such as friction, rolling and pivoting bearings, splined shafts, knockout spindles, threaded spindles and sliding surfaces of all kinds For harsh operating conditions Advantages and benefits Excellently suited as a safety lubricating grease in mixed friction sector with especially good wear protection Effectively protects against corrosion Contains Mox-active to improve performance Technical specifications Operating temperature: -20°C → +130°C NLGI grade: 2 DN factor (dm x n): 500, 000 mm/min Base oil viscosity (40°C): 185 mm²/s Four-ball test rig (welding load): 3, 600 N Applications For best results clean the lubricating point carefully. Clean with solvents like OKS 2610/OKS 2611 Universal Cleaner. Remove the corrosion protection ahead of the initial filling. Fill the bearings in a way that all the functional surfaces for sure get the grease. Slow moving bearings(DN-value < 50, 000) should be filled completely, normal moving bearings should be filled to 1/3 of the free inner housing space. Observe the instructions of the bearing or machine manufacturer. Relubrication with a grease gun on to the grease nipples or with an automatic lubrication system. Relubrication intervals and amount to be defined acc. to the service conditions. If the removal of the old grease is not possible the amount of grease has to be limited to avoid excess lubrication of the bearing. At longer relubrication intervals a complete exchange of the old grease is recommended. Only mix with appropriate lubricants.
MEMOLUB EM MRMOLUB EM is a single point autonomous refillable lubricator Its ejection pressure of 10 Bar opens a wide new range of application not accessible with conventional lubricators Remotely installed, it can be used up to two meters from the lube point MEMOLUB EM is the perfect solution for a regular micro-lubrication New Generation Automatic Single point Lubricator We are an Authorized Dealer for this product
 Parts | Rotary Screw & Reciprocating At Lakshya International we supply lubricants and accessories for every major brand of air compressor from 5 to 500 HP.  We stock most of the consumable spare parts. We specialize in rotary screw air compressor parts such as air/oil separators, oil filters, air filters, heat exchangers, minimum pressure valves and replacement airends.  We also carry a complete line of Compressor Lubricants including petroleum based, synthetic blends and full synthetic lubricants. We carry 100% equivslent rotary screw compressor spare parts for the following brands: Ingersoll-Rand Kaeser Atlas Copco ELGI Chicago Pneumatic BOGE F S Curtis
Grease Lithium Complex MX Mineral oil based lithium complex grease with improved adhesiveness   Description Grease Lithium Complex MX has been formulated with a complex soap thickener and highly refined mineral base oil. Avoids friction even under severe and limited lubricating conditions. Contains special micronized graphite. The EP, antioxidant and anticorrosive additives secure a continuous protection film on metal surfaces and will avoid early breakdown due to fatigue, micro cracks, scratches, high pressures and shock loads. Its outstanding sealing capacity eliminates penetration of contaminating particles and entrance of water and wateroil emulsions used during the metalworking process. Applications Grease Lithium Complex MX is used in loaded mechanisms and bearings operated in a wide temperatures range (-10 to 190 ºC), with possible water and/or emulsions presence, at medium and low speeds. Such conditions are seen in different mechanisms such as steel, copper, brass rolling, steel industry equipment, cement industry and public works machinery. Benefits   Wide temperature range Resists high and shock loads Adhesive Excellent sealing capacity Excellent water resistance High stability to mechanic work Additive package with reduced environmental impact Pls. download technical datasheet from the below given link, Technical Data Sheet                            
MOBIL HYDRAULIC OIL Mobil Hydraulic AW Series Hydraulic Oil Product Description Mobil Hydraulic AW Series are premium high performance oils intended for industrial and mobile service where anti-wear lubricants are required. The Mobil Hydraulic AW Series oils are designed to satisfy the performance requirements fora widerangeofhydraulic components insystems subjectedtohigh-pressure, high-temperature operating environments. Their high level of resistance to oxidation and good thermal stability characteristics help reduce deposit formation and help prevent sluggish system operation. They provide good protection against rust and corrosion in high humidity operations or where low levels of moisture are unavoidable. They separate water readily and have very good air release properties. These products meet the performance requirements of a wide range of hydraulic system and component OEM's and are compatible with the pump and component metallurgy used by various manufacturers.The Mobil Hydraulic AW Series oils are formulated with high quality base stocks and a carefully selected additive system that result in finished products that provide many desirable features to improve and prolong equipment life. They are designed to work with systems operating under moderate to severe conditions where a high level of anti-wear protection is needed, yet they are suitable for use in many systems where non-anti-wear hydraulic oils are generally recommended. Features and Benefits The Mobil Hydraulic AW Series oils provide outstanding performance in a range of equipment operating under moderate to severe conditions. Their excellent oxidation resistance allows extension of oil and filter change intervals while assuring clean systems. Their high level of anti-wear protection and excellent film strength characteristics result in exceptional equipment performance that not only results in fewer breakdowns but helps improve production capacity. Their controlled demulsibility permits the oils to work well in systems contaminated with small amounts of water yet readily separate large amounts of water.
Product — Oil Free Air Compressors Features and advantages of our oil free air compressors Super silent Works very quiet which is very suitable for applications requires quiet working environments. Low vibration Good dynamic balance design, meanwhile rubber cushions and rubber feet was also contributing to limit its vibration to low level. Pure air quality No lubricating oil in the piston and cylinder creating pure air quality. High use safety and reliability Key parts such as tank, safety valve, pressure switch etc has ASME and CE certifications which makes the machine work safely and reliably. Automatic and easy to use Starting up and works fully automatic and can continuously works 24 hours a day, meanwhile it is very easy to use machine. Efficient, Low energy consumption High efficiency and low energy consumption due to better design. Durable and low maintenance costs Cylinders with diamond hardness make sure it is more durable and superior to other air compressors, and the machine is very easy and low costs to maintain.