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KIRLOSKAR REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR SPARE PARTS We can offer you all critical spares of OEM quality and standards. We stand for its unconditional guarantee for material manufacturing defects and performance which will be at Par with OEM supplies of Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd compressors spares. All manufacturer's names, numbers, symbols and description are used for reference purpose only and it is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.
Air Filtration # FLEETGUARD Clean air for effective engine performance. Intake of contaminated (dust and dirt) air causes engine wear, reduced performance, and expensive maintenance. That is the reason why air filtration is a must amongst the most basic requirements for effective engine performance. Clean air is essential for maintaining the health and long life of internal combustion engines, and the purpose of an air filter is exactly that – to provide clean air by keeping damaging dust, dirt, and moisture at bay and promote increased engine life. Fleetguard air filters & filtration products ensure the best engine efficiency, maintains engine output and maximizes fuel economy by meeting the quality and performance standards required by any engine. Lube Filtration Healthy lubrication system for healthy engine life. The development of more and more sophisticated engines and the need for meeting higher emission standards, are two of the most important factors why finer and synthetic oils are also being developed. These newly developed oils play a crucial role in engine maintenance by considerably bringing down wear and tear of engine parts, cleaning engine parts, cooling engine parts, reducing corrosion and sealing the combustion chambers. Prolonging the life of the oil and minimizing the impact of wear-causing particles are the obvious goals of the filtration system. Yet improving profitability is one of the major advantages of a healthy lubrication system.
Klüberoil 4 UH1-1500 N Spray Synthetic gear and multipurpose oil for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries Product description Klüberoil 4 UH1-1500 N Spray is registered as NSF H1 for use in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries and complies with FDA 21 CFR Sec 178.3570. It was developed for incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or animal feed industries. The use of Klüberoil 4 UH1-1500 N Spray can contribute to increase reliability of your production processes. Nevertheless it is recommended to conduct an additional risk analysis, e.g. HACCP. Gears are sufficiently protected against scuffing even at extremely high peak loads, vibrations or oscillations, or if no running-in was performed. The good wear protection of both gears and rolling bearings ensures that the service life calculated for the lubricated components is achieved, leading to lower maintenance and repair costs. Klüberoil 4 UH1-1500 N Spray offers a much longer service life than mineral and white oils due to the excellent ageing and oxidation resistance of the selected raw materials; thus service intervals can be extended and maintenance costs reduced. The product's good anti-corrosive properties enable problem-free gear operation. The good viscosity-temperature behaviour supports the formation of a sufficient lubricant film across a wide service temperature range, even at elevated and high temperatures. The optimised friction behaviour enabled by the carefully selected base oils reduces power loss and improves efficiency of your application. By using Klüberoil 4 UH1-1500 N Spray you can benefit from a number of advantages that will help you save costs easily and efficiently. We look forward to hearing from you. Benefits for your application Registered as NSF H1 High scuffing protection Good wear protection for gears and rolling bearings Good shear stability for reliable lubricant film formation Excellent ageing and oxidation resistance Wide service temperature range due to good viscosity-temperature behaviour Low foaming tendency Energy savings due to optimised friction behaviour Good elastomer compatibility
55900 INTELLASENSE II REFRIGERANT LEAK DETECTOR Product Description Design certified by Intertek to meet J2791 (R134a), J2913 (R1234yf) and EN 14624 At the heart of this leak detector is a new low power metal oxide gas sensor with superior performance properties such as lower current consumption and sensor longevity. The new sensor is characterized by high sensitivity and fast response upon detecting the presence of extremely small levels of chlorofluorocarbon gases. For this reason, this sensor was selected and integrated into the 55900 Leak Detector. In addition, a powerful microprocessor was integrated into the design that automatically selects the best operating condition for the sensor to ensure optimum performance throughout the life of the sensor. SPECIFICATIONS: “Super Sensitive Function” allows the unit further sensitizing beyond the standard settings for locating small leaks with gases such as R1234yf and R407C SENSITIVITY: HIGH ≥ 0.15 oz/yr (4 g/yr) MEDIUM ≥ 0.25 oz/yr (7 g/yr) LOW ≥ 0.50 oz/yr (14 g/yr) PROBE: Intelligent tip design that senses the condition of the environment, to eliminate the potential of false alarms. Flexible 15.5” probe for difficult to reach locations DISPLAY: Six vertical LED’s (red, yellow or green) display the following information to the user such as: Relative signal level of the detected leak Selected sensitivity range (low/medium or high) of the unit Diagnostic information: low battery, interference/wait, contaminated atmosphere, readiness of the unit or fault conditions of the unit REFRIGERANTS: Detects all refrigerants (CFC’s, HCFC’s, & HFC’s and blends) SENSOR LIFE: 2000 hours SENSING ELEMENT: Heated tin oxide OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: 0 to 140˚F RESPONSE TIME: Less than 1 second POWER: 2 C Alkaline 6000 mAh batteries BATTERY LIFE: 30 hours WEIGHT: 1.08 lbs KEYPAD FUNCTIONS: ON/OFF: Press the ON/OFF button to turn the unit on or off VOLUME/MUTE: Press the VOLUME/MUTE button to control the volume of the unit H M L SENSITIVITY: Press the H M L SENSITIVITY button to select the desired sensitivity level PEAK/HR/LR: The PEAK/HR/LR key serves a dual purpose: (1) To assist the user in locating the “largest leak” in a system with multiple leaks present. (2) To enable the user to switch between HR (high range) and LR (low range) modes. 55900: Intella Sense II Refrigerant Leak Detector packaged in a blow molded case with 2 “C” batteries, leak test vial and replacement filters
TORQ HIGH TEMP GREASE Description Lubrication at temperatures >200°C is very often poorly controlled. Use of traditional or even synthetic greases is not enough, or requires almost daily topping up. To resist decomposition or strong evaporation of the base oils at these extreme temperatures, the solution is to employ non-conventional chemistries. The thickener should be infusible or show a dropping point close to 300°C. It is a versatile multi-purpose, extreme pressure and anti-wear grease that protects equipment under the most adverse conditions of excessive pressure; heat/cold and high/low speed applications. TONA MHT Grease is a non-melt grease formulation with high shock protection and corrosion resistance. Applications Very high temperature greases are particularly suitable for lubrication of elements such as:  Excellent high temperature sustainability  Guards against rust and corrosion  Excellent mechanical stability.  Withstands heavy loads.  Excellent film forming characteristics.  Outstanding shear stability.  Extended re-lubricating period.  Bearings for pre-heater rollers  Conveyors, industrial painting lines  Tyre moulds  Oven racks and furnace hearth rollers  Screwed assemblies... Characteristics Very high temperature greases use non-conventional chemistries Thickener infusible or with a very high dropping point Base oils showing exceptional resistance to oxidation Thermal and mechanical stability  No formation of lacquer, no coking  Mechanical stability, very low evaporation  Thermal stability, load resistance  Stable to oxidation, maintenance of the lubricating film Product benefits Very high temperature greases allow not only lubrication at temperatures of the order of 280°C but also lifetime greasing in the range of -25° to 180°C. They simplify your greasing plans and systematically lead to a very important saving in labour, machine stoppages and bring significant improvement to equipment lifetime. Reduced temperatures in load zones = Improvement in equipment lifetime Sealing maintained = reduction in grease consumption Pls send us your valued inquiries - What's up # 9009991560
Heat Transfer Fluid - Single Fluid for Heating and Cooling Applications Description : sigma THERM®-S is a synthetic organic heat transfer fluid based on Alkylated aromatic. Application : Indirect closed heat transfer systems from - 80 °C to 160 °C in liquid phase without pressurization of system and with proper pressurization up to 300°C This single fluid is used for challenging requirement of Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemicals and other industries where two different circuits with different fluids are there for cooling and heating purpose. It replaces traditional duel steam & glycol or steam & brine systems. BENEFITS : Eliminates duel fluids for heating and cooling. Long Life. Cost Effective Solution Trouble free operation Gasket Material Compatibility : sigma THERM®-S has an acceptable compatibility when used within the temperature and pressure limitation of the following polymers or gasketing materials: Acetal, Aramid Fiber, Chemraz (FFKM), Epoxy, Fluorocarbon (FILM), Fluoroelastomer, Glass Fiber, Gylon Style 3500, 3504 & 3510, Kalrez, PEEK, Polytetrafluoro-ethylene, Teflon (All) , Teflon Encapsulated Silicon, Teflon Encapsulated Viton, Teflon Impregnated Fiberglass, Kel-F (CTE), Viton, Resin Impregnated Carbon Graphite,