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69000  REFRIGERANT RECOVERY SYSTEM Product Description These recovery systems are compact, lightweight and work with all refrigerants. They’re ideal for commercial, residential or industrial appliance applications. Our recovery systems offer a state-of-the-art 1/2 HP oil-less compressor with a built-in high volume cooling fan. This new innovative design delivers maximum cooling efficiency which keeps the compressor working at high capacities in even the hottest climates. The compressor is also protected by an automatic low pressure cut-off switch that shuts off the unit once the recovery is complete. This AUTO SHUT-OFF feature eliminates the risk of compressor failure and reduces the user’s need to monitor the entire recovery system. All of our recovery systems offer our newest color-coded gauges with pressure readings in PSI, BAR and Mpa. Our stainless steel ball valve designed manifold controls the flow smoothly and quickly with only a 1/4 turn. With all of this protected by a reinforced hard plastic case, Mastercool’s new recovery systems will meet all your refrigerant recovery needs. SPECIFICATIONS: 220V – 50 Hz 1/2 HP oil-less compressor Recovery Rate: Direct vapor up to .44 lb/m, Direct Liquid up to 2.62 lb/m, Push-Pull up to 12 lb/m Operating temp. range: 32 to 122ºF Weight: 38 lbs Dimensions: 17″ L x 10″ W x 12″ H Refrigerants: CFC’s, HCFC’s, HFC’s
Grease Lithium Complex MX Mineral oil based lithium complex grease with improved adhesiveness   Description Grease Lithium Complex MX has been formulated with a complex soap thickener and highly refined mineral base oil. Avoids friction even under severe and limited lubricating conditions. Contains special micronized graphite. The EP, antioxidant and anticorrosive additives secure a continuous protection film on metal surfaces and will avoid early breakdown due to fatigue, micro cracks, scratches, high pressures and shock loads. Its outstanding sealing capacity eliminates penetration of contaminating particles and entrance of water and wateroil emulsions used during the metalworking process. Applications Grease Lithium Complex MX is used in loaded mechanisms and bearings operated in a wide temperatures range (-10 to 190 ºC), with possible water and/or emulsions presence, at medium and low speeds. Such conditions are seen in different mechanisms such as steel, copper, brass rolling, steel industry equipment, cement industry and public works machinery. Benefits   Wide temperature range Resists high and shock loads Adhesive Excellent sealing capacity Excellent water resistance High stability to mechanic work Additive package with reduced environmental impact Pls. download technical datasheet from the below given link, Technical Data Sheet                            
The most reliable filter drier in the market The DML filter drier is designed for air conditioning systems that require high moisture removal capacity. DML filter driers are optimized for HFC refrigerants and mineral or benzene oils. The filter driers are hermetic and approved for 46 bar. DML filter driers are delivered with flare or copper/copper plated steel connections. DCL filter driers are designed for applications requiring high moisture removal capacity as well as acid adsorption capacity. The DCL filter driers have the same wide application range and benefits as the DML filter driers. Both the DML and the DCL filter driers are available with solder (Cu-plated steel connectors) and flare connections. Features and benefits DML filter driers 100 % Molecular Sieve core High drying capacity minimizing the risk of acid formation (hydrolysis) Recommended for use with HFC and HCFC refrigerants Will not deplete oil additives DCL filter driers 80% Molecular Sieve core with 20% activated alumina Perfect core blend for systems that operate at high condensing temperatures and require high drying capacity Recommended for use with HFC and HCFC refrigerants
Hermetic filter drier, DML 023Z4588 Product name: Hermetic filter drier, Inlet connection type: SOLDER, ODF, Outlet connection type: SOLDER, ODF Product details Gross weight1.38 Kg Net weight1.27 Kg Acid capacity [g]# 2.43 g Acid capacity [oz]# 0.086 oz Activated alum/Molec sieve [%]# 0% / 100% Approval# UL Body material # Steel Brand # ELIMINATOR Connection material # Steel Cu-plated
69110 AUTOMOTIVE A/C RECOVERY SYSTEM Product Description Design Certified to Meet SAE J2810 Mastercool’s Certified Automotive A/C Recovery System (69110) recovers and removes oil from refrigerant. This system is designed to meet SAE J2810 and is compact, lightweight and works with all refrigerants. All of the internal components of the A/C Recovery System have been arranged and isolated to ensure a smooth and quiet performance. The unit offers a state of the art maximum cooling efficiency, which keeps the compressor working at high capacities in even the warmest climates. The stainless steel ball valve designed manifold controls the refrigerant flow smoothly and quickly with only a pressure readings in PSI, BAR and MPA. Two 72” conversion hoses are included which enable the user to simultaneously recover from the high and low side to speed up the recovery process. FEATURES & BENEFITS: Recovers and Removes Oil from Refrigerant Offers a State of the Art 1/2 hp Oil-less Compressor with a built-in High Volume Cooling Fan for Fast Recovery Designed Certified to meet SAE J2810 Includes Recovery Unit, 30 lb DOT Tank, a 60” Yellow Service Hose, 72” Blue and Red Conversion Hoses, UL Approved High and Low Side R134a Manual Couplers and Oil Purge Bottle SPECIFICATIONS: Refrigerant R134a High Side Design Pressure 500 psig Low Side Design Pressure 174 psig 230 Volts AC 1 PH 50 HZ. 8.6 Amps 1.25 S/F Service Factor 10.75 AMP Made in USA
KBL Wire rope lubricant KBL is formulated with a high viscosity mineral oil, an inorganic thickener and fortified with MoS2 (Molybdenum disulphide). It is a semi fluid grease designed for lubrication of all types of steel wires (textile or metal centre strand). Applications KBL is perfectly suitable for use in: Wire rope lubrication and protection Excellent for use in MASTO wire rope lubricators and cleaner equipment Public works machinery Cargo cranes Industrial and floating cranes Load lines, elevators Mining equipment wire ropes Can be used in sea ambience (salt water resistant) and in chemical ambiences (resistant to chemicals)
Grease Lithium Complex S HT Lithium complex grease with a synthetic base oil Description Grease Lithium Complex S HT is a high efficiency grease providing bearing lubrication for a wide range of operating temperatures from -40 up to 180 ºC . This grease is capable of working under very severe operating conditions with combination of speed, temperature and loads. Specially formulated with a synthetic base oil to provide high chemical and thermal resistance and a high lubricating capacity. Applications Bearings operated in applications with cooling water Paper industry Steel industry Cement and construction industry Benefits High compatibility with plastics and elastomers Excellent anti corrosive and anti oxidant properties Resistance to shearing and water washout Increased lubrication intervals Increased bearing life Superior performance as heavy duty grease
Geartop PAG High temperature and heavy duty synthetic gear oil based on PAG base stock Description Geartop PAG fluids are premium quality, 100% synthetic polyalkylene glycol based industrial gear oils containing antioxidant and anticorrosion additives, creating a lubricant with excellent thermal properties. The very high viscosity index offers fluidity down to very low temperatures and adequate film thickness at elevated temperatures. These are recommended for heavy loaded gearboxes and worm wheel boxes, including the so-called filled-for-life units. Benefits Extends life span of the installation Reduces maintenance Optimal protection of gear boxes against fretting and wear Longer drain interval, even at higher working temperatures Excellent thermal and oxidation stability Low pour point Protection from rust and corrosion Optimal lubrication at high and low temperatures, even at heavy loads Very good compatibility with plugs and seals Applications Geartop PAG is a long life synthetic oils range intended for the lubrication of Worm gears Bevel Helical gears Planetary gears Helical gears Also suitable for gear brakes, roll and plain bearings circulating systems. They are widely used in many segments of the industry such as textile, paper, cement, gear box producers, steel and wood, plastics and glass derivates. Cautions The product is neither miscible with mineral base oils nor with different nature synthetic oils. So it is advisable to proceed to a good cleaning (flushing) of the mechanism to be lubricated prior to use the oil
Gearmax XP Gear oil provided with micropitting protection Gearmax XP is range of mineral gear oils developed for any type of gearbox. The latest technology in base oils and a special additive package provides excellent protection against micro pitting. Gearmax XP provides superior EP properties, a very good anti oxidant and anti rust protection, excellent anti wear properties and has a low tendency to foaming. Furthermore Gearmax XP provides quick moisture separation and optimal filterability. Applications Gearmax XP can be used in industrial gears when EP properties are needed or whenever US STEEL 224, DIN 51517 CLP or CINCINNATI MILACRON. It meets the FLENDER specifications. Typical applications of heavy loaded gearboxes can be found in Wind turbines Metal processing industry Cement industry Plastic, paper and ceramics industry